Elke Burkhardt

1003 Bishop Street, Suit 2700
Honolulu, HI 96813

Elke Burkhardt has had a fascinating journey to her career as a top real estate agent in Hawaii.

Born in Australia to parents who emphasized the value of working hard for your dreams, Elke was precocious and knew she wanted to be an optometrist at a young age. She persevered and attained this goal, and had a wonderful career as an eye doctor in Sydney for over 15 years. However, she always felt something was missing. While raising her family – three children – with her husband, Chris, she found she had a knack for running, buying and selling Airbnb properties. She transitioned her career into buying and selling for others and found her professional niche, and great joy, in helping people change their lives through real estate.

Upon moving to Hawaii, she has found continued success by giving each client her highest level of personal attention. Her superpower may be in immersing herself in her clients’ needs and lifestyle so she has an instinctive understanding of what they want and can deliver it.

She considers herself blessed to be meeting amazing people, helping them find the perfect property in the most beautiful place in the world. As one client with just a day on Oahu attested, after the first home they chose proved to have issues on inspection, “Elke was able to pivot and get us into multiple homes, and in one day we found our dream home!” With her organizational skills and never-give-up attitude, Elke maneuvered with the clock ticking to prepare a second bid for them and line up a second mortgage, working around people who were out sick with Covid. “Without her help, we would not have managed to close on our home and it would have gone to another bidder. Elke is a sincere, knowledgeable and hardworking agent who will help you along every step of the way.”

When Elke isn’t making things happen for clients, you can find her taking her daily morning run, with her family, swimming and surfing, or hiking. She also enjoys traveling to Australia to visit friends and family.